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How to quality to be listed in Something Beautiful gallery:
-beautiful handmade items
-beautiful accessories
-quality picture taken of your product (please, good photography is very appreciated, chances of being submitted to the gallery is very high)
-unique design or creative item
-yes, you can submit non-handmade item too but must be uniquely beautiful, of course.
-I am sorry but your item/ship will not be 100% guarantee submission

-free, just link back to Something Beautiful. Thank you very much :)

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Oh Japan said...

* Name : Rinny
* Blog Name : Oh,Japan!
* Blog URL :
* Shop Category : Japanese kimono, yukata, handmade hair accessories, etc...

Raindrops said...

Name: Mehuli
Blog Name: Jhumki~designs by raindrops
Blog Url:
Shop Category: Handmade jewelry (wire wrapped bijoux and couture)

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